Since 2010, ECDIRECT has established its grounds in Singapore.

With constant involvement in all the various Executive Condominiums (EC) launches, we have helped many families achieve their dream ECs. Our first involvement in ECs was the Canopy at Yishun, where it moved on to all the other EC launches after that (Heron Bay, City Life, Lake life, The Amore and many many more) 


The mission of ECDIRECT is to share our knowledge with as many Singaporean families about Executive Conodminium (EC). 

WHY get a EC?

HOW to own a EC?

WHAT is the best choice for you?

The whole process of getting a EC can be more complicated than purchasing a private condo or a HDB flat. 

From ELIGIBILITY CHECKLIST to FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS and eventually choosing the right unit for your family.


Everything mentioned above, ECDIRECT is here to help.

Feel free to contact us on any queries you have!

There’s NO OBLIGATIONS to contact us!!

We are more than willing to hear from  you on your interest.

Interested but has some issues about Eligibility or a little over the income ceiling?
–> Contact us as well, as we might be able to provide solutions for that

Do note that NO COMMISSIONS is payable for your purchase of Executive Condominium (EC) as these launches are considered DIRECT DEVELOPER SALES.

All prices are as of Developer’s real time  pricelist.
We do not over quote or under promise.


Key Values



We strive to understand our market & client’s needs. 



Time is an important component.
We believe in doing things fast yet exceptional.



Client’s needs & best interest is our TOP priority. 

Recommendations are all based on client’s best interest. 



We despise hidden cost or lack of transparency in this Industry. Thus, we wish to correct that by helping Clients buy straight from Developers.


Simply drop your details in the form below and we will get in touch with you in the next 12 hours. 
From Price list to Eligibility to Launch information, let us know your concern and we will get back to you asap.